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You can never be too old to be a goth. even the gothic subculture is still young! it started in the late 70s, so the gothic subculture cellebrate its 30 birthday!

The is a goth stereotype that treat gothic people only as sad children that dress in black and skip school, Or heavy clubbers in their 20s. But this is not true. When you get older you dont stop being a goth, infact being goth is all about being complete with yourself. This means that if your are convenient with your gothic lifestyle you should also be comfortable with your gothic age.

Please remember that when you grow older, your clothes and your make-up style is also changing. Young and adults have different ways to dress, so be a goth but dont forget to make it fit to you and dont force yourself to fit in to something that you are not, otherwise you will look like a sad clown. Being old meaning that you are smarter and wiser than the young bats, Elder goths know the difference between cool and wannabe, Therefore you dont have to be depressed or act like a stranger. Be secure with your feeling and dont get in to dangerous emotion storm.

As you grow, you have less and less time to be in the gothic scene. You spend more time at work than at clubs. you cant afford to be awake all night long like a vampire, you have other obligations and even kids to raise up. So its ok if you keep being a goth on small fire, meaning not all the time. Be a goth person when you can, and dont compel yourself to away of life that doesnt suite you.

On the other hand, If you werent a goth person in high school. this is the time to try the gothic subculture, Because when you are adult you suppose to be settled in your life, and now you have the time and the engery to explore a new way of living.

To sum up, you can enjoy the gothic subculture till the day you die.

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