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psychic gothic

Gothic poem: forgotten warrior

before I slip into unconsciousness,
walking the tightrope of concertina wire,
the voices must be studied, then answered,
then the self-immolation may begin in earnest.

tortured soldiers seek medication-kisses on
metaphysical (metaphorical) foreheads; they
realize that support the troops is code for
support george fuckin' bush......

before I slip into irreversible coma status
the delicate dainty doctors discuss derailing
my incandescent spark of impending doom/gloom,
essentially tossing out the flamethrower
with the bath water.

...leaving a bed filled with ashes (and little else).

Gothic poem by riki.

Gothic poem: Watch the Specter

When I close my eyes and count the droplets
eyelids think the tears have come;
Sifting sand through stubby fingers,
like barbed wire, softly spun.
Jagged peaks on shifting landscapes
swelling till all shadows cry,
Hatred screams its garbled greetings,
answers stop and crack the sky.

Stars align like neon road signs,
pointing out the cosmic streets;
Slips of memory's whispered secrets,
pinching jewels from princely feet.
Cackling laughter echoes wildly,
gazing into dimming fires;
Seek the truth and stop the madman
spinning toward his warped desires.

Out of caves flow bats and rabbits
coexistence growing harder;
Nature's battle, howling anger
changes fear to something smarter.
City lamps and rural moonlight
gathers all the darker scholars;
Count the pebbles, pile the harvest,
that the Night may change to dollars.

Watch the specter count the mourners;
watch him grin in patient waiting.
Watch the specter call the order;
Watch them line up...watch the hating. 

Gothic poem by riki.

Gothic poem: bitter boy blue

boy is cracked awake; the day is dead before it starts
he whispers filthy lyrics to the beat of broken hearts
his bitterness influenced by events that cruelly mock
him even as his vapid world is ripped apart.

awkwardness evolving into antisocial glares
sharpening awareness of the unrequited stares
the boy-disguised-as-man finds hidden pain within 
the paradox of laughter in a life where no one dares.

boy turns blue, the caustic hatred choking from within
bitterness envelops every hopeless, fleeting whim
boy turns up the volume, metaphorically; he mumbles
jumbled prayers to a God who doesn't even know it's him.

climbing misty staircase to his date with overt fears
realizing every urge while fighting stinging tears
headlines read, another tragic suicide while 
boy of bitter blue reminds himself that
no one ever held him dear.

words that fell so easily, but he could never hear

Gothic poem by riki.

Gothic poem: A Thousand Cuts

A thousand tiny cuts add up to form one
jagged slash.
A thousand broken promises can cause your
world to crash.
A thousand misspent tears dried up, a thousand
stained-glass faces;
A thousand cuts pierce cleanly through a thousand
wretched spaces.

When every dreadful nightmare shines its light on
muddied wishes,
And every acid rainfall kills a billion
tiny fishes;
A thousand words won't sanctify the wars waged
on religions,
The thousand cuts will spread and sow some
sacrilegious missions. 

When looking forward at the past, these missions
seldom matter,
When picking grapes, the lot gets dropped, entire
vineyards splatter.
The sum of his unspoken words became too pure
to give.
His death came by a thousand cuts, because he feared
to live.

Gothic poem by riki.

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