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Firstly and most importantly, you will not and cant get sun burnt at all, if you want porcelian - white skin that every pretty goth girls have. So sun cream is the must item in the summer. You should also wear black long sleeve clothing to protect your pale skin against strong sun beams.

Many of the gothic clothing includes PVC, Leather and other hot to wear in summer materlials, but there are plenty of other summer temperature friendly gothic clothes to choose.for example, The Fishnet is very popular choice in the gothic fashion scene. fishnet can be worn as a tights, legs form and can also be worn as shirts, or jumpers. If you prefer more old style victorian look, try some fabrics that are made of Lace, velvet, Silk and with lots of ribbons and fancy trims.

For bottoms, Flowing gauzy skirts, cotton bloomers and lace-trimmed long skirt, and also slip dresses that are very comfortable in the summer time. Males goths can use short black trousers and light natural fiber shirts.

The summer is a great time to wear gothic accessories such as parasols and wide-brimmed hats, that can easly made by decorating your black umbrella. you can abuse the winter umbrella in any way you like, you can paint designs on it, sew lace ruffles, feathers on to the edge, roses or wrap the handle in ribbons and tassels. The same things can be done to wide brimmed hat.

The summer can do terrible things to most gothic makeup styles. Eyeliner can smudge and run, and mascara can melt right off. The best option is to use less makeup, instead of a full face of foundation, Be scrimp and use it only where its needed.

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