Dark Gothic Tourism: Capuchin Catacombs of Italy

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The Capuchin catacombs of Palermo are burial graves in italy. They are great attraction for gothic and other people who like the dark tourism sites.

It all started in 1599 as a religious ritual. The holy monks were mummified, in order to let the other monks to pray for them. But very soon everyone wanted to mummified their loved-ones which causes the Capuchin catacombs to grow bigger and bigger with over thousands of mummified dead bodies, which make it a real gothic place to travel and visit.

Some of the bodies have only bones as they decomposed over the years, but others preserved very well and you actually can see living dead people, with flesh, hair, eyes and clothes. Some of them sitting on special chairs, some of them lie down on the ground and some even hanging and gives the real illusion of standing corpse like in a dark-gothic movie.

They are more to find there than just big number of corpses, they are lots of coffins with various shapes, clothes, eulogies and other items that lie with the deceased. Every type of corpse is buried in a different catacomb. There are rooms for men, women, childrens, holy monks and even by professions.

If you enter the Capuchin catacombs of italy you might feel like you are in the pyramid of Egypt, but its better as it give you the real gothic feelings that those people are living deads just like zombies. But the most beautifull things about this dark tour attraction is that what started as a religious ritual, turn over to a status symbols and then became a living memory of the dead people of italy.

Gothic Portalgothic portalGothic Tourismgothic portalCatacombs of italy