Dark Gothic Tourism: The Catacombs of paris

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In the 18th century every church had a cemetery, but as the city grew bigger and bigger, the french cities were actually flooded by unburied corpses. And those who did find themself resting in peace underground, werent buried properly and although it was very gothic, the living public suffered from diseases and plagues caused by open graves and decomposing dead bodies.

Only after 100 gothic years, someone decided to build a big cemetery for all the dead people, who actually didnt burried at all and were left lying on the ground. The chosen place of Catacombs of paris was ofcourse a remote area far away from the city of paris. but also a place that had foundation to build a mass grave yards.

Therefore the gothic catacombs were build as a part of old underground tunnels that were in this place. Those tunnels cause the ground to fall inside from time to time, so the french couldnt built their houses there, so they decided to develop there caves, or in gothic words: houses for the dead people.

And then all the city workers moved thousands of dead bodies, corpses and especially preserved bones to the new location. Millions of dead people removed to the new cemetery named Catacombs of paris. Some of the bones were thousands years old.

The Catacombs of paris are very popular attraction for dark and gothic tourists. If you are lucky you will find yourself alone in the darkness of those long burial tunnels with lots of old bones. It`s very scary and yet very quiet, its cold down there like winter even in the summer time. You can easly get lost in the underground maze of death, and you might never be found, because those tunnels can collapse every minute, and make you the next dead gothic inhabitant there.

As a dark and gothic tourist in the Catacombs of paris, you should respect this place, and dont try to take bones or skulls as a souvenir.

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