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As to the development of the gothic people`s subculture and music in Ukraine I should say that there is nothing extremely special. For example I came to know what is gothic music when I was at my last year of studying at school, that is 6 years ago. Maybe it was because I didn't had any Internet access, I guess.

In 2005 the first gothic people party took place in my city. It was a Halloween time. That was the beginning. Of course, this is just about my city. And generally about our country - Ukraine.

The most important thing that the gothic people have in Ukraine concerning the gothic music and subculture is the great annual festival called "The Children of the Night". It takes place in September in Kyiv. Kyiv - is the capital of Ukraine. Gothic people from the whole Ukraine comes to this festival. And not only from Ukraine, but also from Russia. There one can listen to various gothic music by German, Japanese, Russian, Belorussian, Finland and Spanish bands. And of course, to some bands from Ukraine.

The organizers of the Ukraine gothic people festival think that first of all the new groups should have an opportunity to represent their music. So there are no any worldly famous bands there. Just the new-comers.

Most of the Ukraine gothic people just like the gothic style such as gothic clothing, gothic makeup, and gothic jewelry, and don't listen to gothic rock, as I noticed. They listen to heavy metal and not to gothic music.

Thanks to Maria.

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