The Wall Of Death

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The wall of death is a community dance, usually take place at gothic and metal festivals.

The public divides into two gothic groups, with a 10-20 meters of space between them. The two groups then run into each other at high speed, in a very agressive way and bump into each other. This dance is also called braveheart, which described in history books two different armies that fight to death with each other at the battlefield. As you guessed, its a very dangerous dance that can cause to serious wounds and even death. The wall of death was the trade mark of a metal band called "lamb of god" and took place when they performed their "black label" song.

After several injuries in several metal concerts, "lamb of god" and other heavy bands make it clear to their gothic audience that they shouldnt practice in this risky dance, and if they must do it, then they must take care of each other, not to blow it out of proportions, and not to cause more injuries. At this point the dance itself turn from everybody`s dance to a small group`s dance. Meaning that you cant go and crush with people that you dont know, but only with your close friends.

They are other friendly variations of the wall of death dance:

The wall of carnage - Instead of dividing the public into two groups, the public is divided into right, left, top, and bottom. This creates a bigger, more intense motion, with inviduals coming from all sides.

Opposite wall of death - The crowd in the nearest stage runs to the back, which is usually a much calmer section of the gothic public.

Heavy wall of death - a few lines of gothic people is arranged at the end of the concert place. and when instructed they all run to the main stage and crush every person in their way.

Wall of life - The crowd split but instead of a violent clash, when the crowd comes together gothic people will link arms and spin each other round in circles dancing.

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