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Gothic Poem: War Drums

War drums sounding, can you hear? 
That dance of war in the air. 
The feet that dance in time 
that go round and round 
the fire. 

Pounding feet in time 
war drums playing a song. 
Calling warriors far and near. 
come one, come all to the 
great war to be. 

The good and evil there 
will gather to clash. 
And the King of kings, 
will utter a cry. 
A feast, a feast he has 
prepared for the carrion 
of the air. 

Come dine on flesh of 
kings, the rich, and poor. 
On men of war, and 
on innocent blood. 

War drums are beating 
and feet are dancing to 
it's sound. 
For the Great day of War 
is near. 
Can you not hear? 

-By Vicki 
Winter is in my head, but autumn is in my heart. 

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