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The winter and the autumn are the ultimate dark seasons when its come to gothic fashion.

Winter coat - Will keep you warm specially if you can close it by zippers or buttons, all the warm air will be locked between you and your gothic coat and will isolate your body from the cool air that surrounds you. The best gothic coat is the one that covers you from the head to the kness.

Gothic boots - Comes in all dark colors and lots of different hights. choose one or two or even 100 boots that all prevent from the rain or snow to invade your leg and even to wet your inner boot area. The best fashionable boots are those who high enough to start from your knees, so they become integrated with your long winter coat.

Be An Onion - wear the cloths as layers. In this way you can adjust your body to the changing temperatures, as you going outside or if you are inside.

Lights - when you walk with all dark clothes specially in the afternoons and evening, you should carry a small flashlight with you. or if you are too lazy to buy batteries sew light-reflective patches on top of the gothic clothes, so that everyone will see you and your beautifull gothic clothes, but also you will be visibale to the driver and wont get squashed in the roads.

Makeup - Carry a mirror and whatever few items you would need to repair things if your makeup runs due to snow or rain , or start wearing waterproof or long-wearing formulas of things like eyeliner and mascara.

In calculation onions, flashlight and a mirror are your best friends when its come to gothic winter clothes !

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