How To Write Gothic Poems

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Gothic Inspiration:

Get inspired by the medival ages, horror movies, gothic music, gothic places such mysterious forests, castles, haunted houses, grave yards and other gothic places. When getting inspiration, if you want to write about pain you should try and relate it to self experience because then you can really give it the meaning of pain that it deserves

Gothic Subject:

Most of the gothic poem deals with the dark and the mysterious side of life like death, night, twilights and creatures. You can also try writting about emotional pain like the lost of love or close friends. And even physical pain such as war, fights and cutting. You should never write about your routine in life or everyday subjects, otherwise you miss the point of gothic poems. Also gothic poetry doesn't have to be only dark and you can write about love, but not all that lovey dovey love, but a darker love, which its also know as gothic love. There are more beauties to being goth than just being dark, its also appreciating things that you normally wouldn't like the way that moonlight shines through trees and leave a pattern on the ground.

Choose A Gothic Title:

Make the title as short as possible, no more than 4 words. Your title should summarize your gothic poem`s subject in a few words, and also should be a bit provocative to attract the readers.

Gothic Writting:

When you write gothic poems, choose your words very carfully. Each word has a several meanings so you need to lead your readers to a specific dark point, or they will get lost but not in your dark. So dont be afraid to look in the dictionary. also you should repeat the same words over and over so it will not sound boring and to obvious.

Gothic Ending:

I love to end a poem with a punch line. To make a little surprise or a twist in the end, that will make the readers think, Or even better read again your poem to search for clues that will try to explain the finall words.

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